What does it mean to factor a fraction?

What does it mean to dissolve a fraction?

To eliminate a fraction, multiply by the reciprocal. For example, factoring 1/2 of 5x equals 1/2 (2 times 5x), which equals 1/2 (10x).

What does factor-out of the GCF mean?

Step 1: Find the greatest common divisor of the given terms. The greatest common divisor or GCF is the greatest factor that all terms have in common. Step 2: Factor out (or divide) the greatest common divisor of each term. The greatest common divisor or GCF is the greatest factor that all terms have in common.

What is the best way to organize?

Truly organized people are not born organized, they have to develop healthy habits that then help them stay organized.

  1. Write things down.
  2. Make schedules and deadlines.
  3. Don’t delay.
  4. Give everything a home.
  5. Clean up regularly.
  6. Keep only what you need.
  7. Know where to dispose of items.
  8. Stay away from bargains.

How do you organize and tidy up?

Here are some interesting tidying tips to get you started with tidying up your home:

  1. Start with 5 minutes at a time.
  2. Give away an item every day.
  3. Fill an entire garbage bag.
  4. Donate clothes you never wear.
  5. Make a cleanup checklist.
  6. Take the challenge.
  7. View your home as a first-time visitor.

How do you categorize your stuff?

Quick Steps

  1. Sort your stuff into broad categories (make a stack for each category).
  2. Bring similar categories together.
  3. Move each stack to the room where you will likely store them.
  4. Divide each stack into subcategories.
  5. Choose the right storage space for each category.

How do you organize professionally?

Here are some habits that professional organizers, and organized people in general, use every day to keep their homes neat and organized:

  1. Make your bed every morning.
  2. Keep a donation bag in each of your wardrobes.
  3. Place a trash can as close to the letterbox as possible.
  4. Use more hooks.

How do you organize all the little things?

Home Organization Small Item Ideas

  1. Organize the junk drawer with plastic bins.
  2. Install a magnetic strip on your bathroom counter or in a drawer.
  3. Reuse Altoid tins to store small items.
  4. Use a carabiner or shower hook to store hair elastics.
  5. Use a labeled drawer to store small household items.

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